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    Talking Lake Cahuilla

    Hey fellow coachella fans! Some friends and I are headed straight to california from texas via a minivan ready for fun! Hoping to find some other people on the board who are also camping at cahuilla so we can get the party started! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

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    Just a word of warning! My friends and I stay at the lake our 3rd year. It was always dusty, dirty, windy and every car that drove within 100 yards helped make it that much worse. So if your going there, park as far away from the dirt roads as possible. My recommendation would be to pay for 1 cheap motel room and pack everyone into it. You will enjoy the experience so much more, being able to get clean daily, get a good rest and be closer to food when needed. And the toilets are a plus also!
    Enjoy the show. It's always awesome!
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    There are multiple Coachella sets from previous years on Flickr if you follow the link below.

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    Cahuilla rules "artisticcreator", doesn't know what he's talking about. I've camped at Lake Cahuilla the last 3 years. There is a huge thread with all the info, link below...

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