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Thread: Anybody planning ACL FEST this year....

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    Default Anybody planning ACL FEST this year....

    Tickets went on sale today. Oct. 2-4 Zilker Park in Austin, Texas! Tickets are $185. Not bad but I am waiting for the line up. ACL 06 was probably the best festival I have been too. Giving Coachella Fri & Sat a try for the first time.

    There is no camping for ACL Fest so if you plan book rooms or housing ASAP.

    There was only one conflict I had in 2006. It was Matisyahu or go see WEEN? That was a NO brainer WEEN of course.

    I have a good feeling the line up this year is going to be great!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Anybody planning ACL FEST this year....

    Any idea who will be playing? I can usually score free tickets to this thing so if the lineup is good I may hit it up. I love Austin!
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