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Thread: Two chill NYC chicks need rides!

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    Default Two chill NYC chicks need rides!

    We're two young, relaxed and fun loving NYC girls looking for rides to Coachella on Fri morning and returning Sunday night (we'll be staying in LA). We'd be glad to pitch in for gas, food, whatever, so let me know if this is a possibility! Thanks in advance


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    Default Re: Two chill NYC chicks need rides!

    Whiskey Sour

    2 oz blended whiskey
    Juice of 1/2 lemon
    1/2 tsp powdered sugar
    1 cherry
    1/2 slice lemon

    Shake blended whiskey, juice of lemon, and powdered sugar with ice and strain into a whiskey sour glass. Decorate with the half-slice of lemon, top with the cherry, and serve.

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    Default Re: Two chill NYC chicks need rides!
    Contact Thai 858.200.5625 anytime. And please do not text message me!

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    Default Re: Two chill NYC chicks need rides!

    email me, I live in Orange County but I am meeting up with a group from west hollywood out there and they may have room. James Roy Facebook. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Two chill NYC chicks need rides!

    can give you a ride on Friday morning from LA in exchange of gas money, let me know.

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    Default Re: Two chill NYC chicks need rides!

    How deep into the Matrix do you have to go to pull up a thread from 2009?

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    Default Re: Two chill NYC chicks need rides!

    Haha, talk about a crazy trip. They're going back in time!
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