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Thread: New Coachella Shirts

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    Default New Coachella Shirts

    I was clicking around the store website to see if there was any more info on the fancy water bottles and ran across these shirts that I haven't seen before. They seem to have a bunch of different previous logos on them. Kind of cool.

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    Default Re: New Coachella Shirts

    ooOoOoo swank. i wonder if they fit any better than some previous years' shirts. hey u should buy me one

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    Default Re: New Coachella Shirts

    Would buy one now if there were better color options.
    "All of you coachella 'regulars' have nasty boy pussies and itchy dick4's on your asses.
    Why don't you all make like a tree and get chopped down and die. You all have been dreadfully mean to me.
    I Hate you. All of you. None of you will ever get to see a womans chest meat or finger blast hott cougies like me.
    Fuck you all. Consider this my resignation.
    Fair the well, you elitest scumbags."

    Faxman75, who has clearly had enough

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