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Thread: April 19th: Bicycle Day

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    Cool April 19th: Bicycle Day

    Bicycle Day is April 19, commemorating April 19, 1943, when Dr. Albert Hofmann first took LSD intentionally. Three days earlier, he had absorbed a small amount of the drug either through his fingertips or by accidentally ingesting it. On Bicycle Day, he took 250 µg of LSD intentionally and, fearing he had made himself ill, cycled home from his lab. During his bicycle ride, he experienced the effects of LSD, making this the date of the first ever acid trip. He wrote about his experiments and experience on April 22, which was later put into his book LSD: My Problem Child.
    This day (for LSD users) is when they celebrate the discovery and first ever use of the drug
    From Urban Dictionary. Enjoy your Sunday at Coachella, everybody

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trick Loves The Kids View Post
    From Urban Dictionary. Enjoy your Sunday at Coachella, everybody
    Fuck yes, a salute must be given! I didn't even realize it was that Sunday, bicycle day is actually better than 4/20 in this case!
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    so 66 years to the day, well now i'll have to drop on sunday
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