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Thread: Best value hotel on or near a shuttle line

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    Default Best value hotel on or near a shuttle line

    I just managed to get weekend 2 passes and will be traveling alone from Scotland, I am looking to book a hotel but having never been to the area I am a bit clueless on which hotel to book with. Would preferably like somewhere where on or near a shuttle line to and from the festival.

    My next question is I kinda fucked up and didn't add a shuttle pass to my order, can I purchase this from somewhere else separately?


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    Default Re: Best value hotel on or near a shuttle line

    I have been wondering the same thing. OF course, what do you mean by "value"?

    I am pretty sure you can by shuttle passes from Coachella when tickets go on sale again.

    How many people are you going to be with? If you have a larger group to split the costs, there are good condo rentals around town.
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    Default Re: Best value hotel on or near a shuttle line

    Thanks for the reply, I guess by value I am just looking for something not too fancy but not like Bates Motel type thing haha.

    I am traveling alone so just need a pretty basic room that will be easy enough to get to and from the festival each night. Once the festival is finished I guess I will see where my travels take me.

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