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    Default Denver>Coachella

    So, over the past few months all of my Coachella going friends have progressively dropped out on this trip and sold their tickets. Thusly, I have an empty car heading to CA in a couple weeks. If you're looking for a ride or need someone to follow/convoy with let me know.

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    Default Re: Denver>Coachella

    Sorry to hear that dude.
    It happens to everyone tho, believe me.
    I live in California and that happens every year too.
    Good luck!
    "All of you coachella 'regulars' have nasty boy pussies and itchy dick4's on your asses.
    Why don't you all make like a tree and get chopped down and die. You all have been dreadfully mean to me.
    I Hate you. All of you. None of you will ever get to see a womans chest meat or finger blast hott cougies like me.
    Fuck you all. Consider this my resignation.
    Fair the well, you elitest scumbags."

    Faxman75, who has clearly had enough

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    Default Re: Denver>Coachella

    Hey I just sent you a PM - emails in there, hit me up!

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    Default Re: Denver>Coachella

    i might be in with jetski.. tryin to get from northern il. to coach.. denver is the halfway pt.

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    Default Re: Denver>Coachella

    ... when u leavin? when u comin back? gas price estimate from there on?

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    Default Re: Denver>Coachella

    Im in denver and will need a ride. lemme know tha deets!

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    Default Re: Denver>Coachella

    Im looking for a ride. Still got any spots open? hit me up

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