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    Sahara or main stage? Headliner or not? Discuss.

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    Default Re: Chemical Brothers

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    get the fuck out of here
    Quote Originally Posted by SoulDischarge View Post
    If Bob Dylan saved up his jizz for a year, and then molded it into the shape of records, and released it as a limited edition box set, it would top any Rolling Stone list, even if said list was about the top 50 Arabic transsexual rappers of the last 10 years. Robert Plant would probably be on there somewhere too.

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    Are you fucking stupid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrimesceneCookie View Post
    I'm not sure what to make of this... but it's cool
    "Without music life would be a mistake" ~Nietzsche

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    Very helpful..

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    the search function is more helpful.
    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmjamalawesome View Post
    It's when we discuss Coachella that we are at our collective dipshittiest.

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    In agreement.
    Quote Originally Posted by shakermaker113 View Post
    speculation strikes again.

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    that looks extremely painful.

    and olid99- this is without a doubt the rudest board to lurkers i've ever been to. to answer your question, sahara, 100%, for sure in the sahara.

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    Chuck Norris has the best poker face of all time. It helped him win the 1983 World Series of Poker, despite having in his hand a Joker, a 6 of Clubs, a Get Out of Jail Free Monopoly Card, his drivers license, and a Green Uno Card.

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    That fire piss business can only go downhill, fast.

    Chems=Closing the Sahara.

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