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Thread: Margo Staples Is a Crazy Bitch

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    Default Margo Staples Is a Crazy Bitch

    81L 23738: Margo Staples V. YMCA of America
    Charges: Breaking & Entering, Negligence, Theft

    In the early morning hours of Nov 7, 1979 the room of Ms. Margo Staples was broken into by Management. Money was stolen when the door was left unrepaired. She spent 40 days in a mental ward because of it.

    Margo Staples:

    On Nov 7, 1979 someone knocked at my door. I had a do not disturb sign on the door. I did not answer. They knocked again. I still didnít answer.

    The next thing I knew they were breaking down the door.

    I was in bed at the time with my head covered but I recognized Mr. Holmes (Night Manager voice along with another male. They left with out repairing the door.

    Later I found a neighbor going through my belongings 40 days were spent in North Western Memorial Hospital as a result.

    Claiming damages in the amount of $1,500,000 Mental and Emotional Cruelty Also claiming damages (Punitive) in the amount of $1,500,000.

    81L 25332: Margo Staples v. Christ Wareness Center
    Charge: Income tax evasion, Haressment, Theft

    In May of 1980 I Margo Staples requested tax information form the above non-Profit Corp whom Iíd been senting Contributions. I was assured by the Rev. Gina Waites that the information was forth coming. I waited, I didnít receive it.

    In Feb of1981 I again requested the information by going to the church. I was told by the Rev. Waites that I never [illegible] get the information. I was haressed by her and her staff. Police were called. I was removed bodily by police. Money and personal property were stolen. I spent several weeks in a Mental ward as a result.

    Claiming damages in the amount of 3.6 million Dollars. Mental & Emotional Cruelty.

    81L25177: Margo Staples V. YMCA of America
    Charges: Rape

    On or about October 3, 1979 Margo Staples was raped at the above hotel by a security guard who had a gun and who was hired by the above hotel to protect her.

    40 days were spent in the mental ward. Claiming damages in the amount of 1.6 Billion Dollars. Rape, Physical Mental and Emotional Cruelty.

    81L 25433: Margo Staples v. Continental Plaza Hotel
    Charges: False arrest, Invasion of Privacy, 2 Counts of assault, Discrimination, Haressment

    In Aug of 1980, I Margo Staples sat in the powder room of the continental Plaza hotel with a very bad headache.

    I was approached by two women. One accused me of stealing her tee shirt. Security was called. I proved to them that I did not have the tee shirt. Then for no reason at all they began to haress me.

    I was taken down the back elevator to the basement where I was asked to sign a form giving the hotel permission to take my picture. I refused. They took the picture anyway.

    The police were called. I was beaten by police in the basement of the above hotel in front of security guards of the hotel. I was also falsely arrested.

    Claiming damages in the amount of $1.6 Billion Dollars Mental, Physical & Emotional Cruelty.

    I also sustained another beating on 8-8-80 as a result of the above.

    81L 25582: Margo Staples v. Northwestern Memorial Hospital
    Charges: Malpractice, Negligence, Several Counts of False Arrest, assault, Discrimination, Conspiracy (illegal probation)

    I Margo Staples, was given an overdose of medication by the above hospital, which blinded and crippled me for several months.

    I was falseley arrested several times while trying to get into the Crisses program which I qualified for. I spent several weeks in jail as a result.

    I was told by the hospital that I was put on illegal probation as a result.

    Claiming damages in the amount of 1.7 Billion dollars.

    Damages: Mental, Physical & Emotional Cruelty.

    I was also beaten by police as a result of the above discrimination.

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    Default Re: Margo Staples Is a Crazy Bitch

    I wish I could meet Margo. The police report filed against the insurance adjuster is gold.

    Victim related: Upon answering her door, the above off. [Offender] (claim agent for Libberty Mutal Life Insurence). stated that he was was not going to settle her claim, then punched her in the stomack and spit in her face, off. then fled down the stairs.

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