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    so I'm makin the 10hr plus drive all by my lonesome n need the right tunes. sure I could pop in any cd from the poster list, but I like 2 mix it up. ?any suggestions?

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    not tryin to be like "there's already a thread on this"

    just showing you what people said last time around.

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    thanx 4 the link. don't have much time 2 search through all these threads n I'm a novice 2 these boards. thanx 4 the response! I'm thinkin sumthin like: the ravonettes-ode to la/peter bjorn & john-start to melt/band of horses-wicked gil/mgmt-the youth/yeah yeah yeahs-miles away/siversun pickups-well thought out twinkles/blur-bugman/orb-assassin(live)/underworld-crocodile/crystal method-roll it up/justice-d.a.n.c.e.(ptII live)/justice-dvno(live)/lcd soundsystem-tribulations/stone roses-fools gold/morrissey-everyday is like sunday/franz ferdinand-auf acshe/the beatles-fixing a hole/devendra banhart-the beatles/amy winehouse-just friends
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