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Thread: record store day IS April 18th

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    Default record store day IS April 18th

    coachella is listed as on official store and there will be some signings by bands this sounds really interesting as i want to support this. it is on 18th April

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    Default Re: record store day

    Does this mean they'll be selling all the LTD edition vinyl that is coming out? I hope so.
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    well, for all intensive porpoises it is, will sell out within seconds tomorrow.
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    It's jsut dawned on me that I'm overly confident and a extremely ocd perfectionist.
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    I don't give a flying fuck about the Kardashians, I doubt they know who Belle and Sebastian are.

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    Default Re: record store day

    Whats a "record store"? Is it some sort of VHS that i have heard so much about?

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    Default Re: record store day

    "The organizers of Record Store Day have been happily overwhelmed by a steady
    flurry of support and activity from artists, record labels and retailers
    wishing to participate in the annual event in salutation of the independent
    music store. This year Record Store Day is set to feature a number of
    exciting new products made especially for the event from such well-known
    artists as Radiohead, Wilco, Tom Waits and Lucinda Williams and the Flight
    of the Conchords, just to name a few.

    Wilco plan to release their upcoming DVD as an exclusive release to indie
    stores and on the band's website on Record Store Day. The group's Jeff
    Tweedy told Billboard Magazine in a recent interview, "Even if I wasn't in a
    band, I'd still support Record Store Day. It's a great thing and I'm glad we
    could do something special with them for our DVD."

    The Decemberists will release a Record Store Day 7" as well. The band's
    Colin Meloy adds, "I don't know what I would do without indie record stores.
    Growing up in a town without them, I can tell you that it's no fun to shop
    for indie records at chain box stores."

    You can also expect a slew of vinyl releases from Radiohead, My Morning
    Jacket who will release a CD as well as limited run double 10" vinyl
    recorded live in Louisville at record store Ear X-tacy.

    Also expected are classic split 7" releases from Tom Waits and Lucinda
    Williams who will issue a double 7" of live tracks from Atlanta and
    Edinburgh, as well as Sonic Youth exclusive Record Store Day split singles
    with Beck and Jay Reatard.

    Other indie rock elder statesmen the Jesus Lizard will release a special
    package to include nine 7" singles and Guided By Voices will re-release
    their Hold On Hope LP, with three bonus tracks.

    And in the "legends" category, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen
    will all release RSD exclusive 7" singles. Def Jam also plans to release a 4
    LP gatefold history of the label, the physical version of which will be for
    indies only.

    Fans can expect more unique Record Store Day pieces from a diverse array of
    artists such as Metric, Slipknot, Jane's Addiction, The Smiths, the Stooges,
    MC5, Modest Mouse, Slayer, Rivers Cuomo, the Black Kids, Brandi Carlile,
    Taking Back Sunday, among many others.

    In addition, Coachella, the world-renowned annual music festival set to take
    place on April 17-19 in Indio, California, has chosen Record Store Day to
    run the event's popular on-site record store, with management provided by
    popular Southwest-based indie retailer, Zia Record Exchange. The on-site
    Coachella store, previously operated by Virgin, is noted for its high
    profile foot traffic and good vibe.

    Record Store Day, April 18, 2009, coincidentally falls smack in the middle
    of the dazzling desert-set festival. Promoted by GoldenVoice, Coachella 2009
    boasts such an eclectic mix of big name headliners as Paul McCartney, Amy
    Winehouse, My Bloody Valentine, Public Enemy, TV On The Radio, The Cure, The
    Hold Steady, Leonard Cohen, Morrissey, Jenny Lewis, Franz Ferdinand as well
    as many others sure to be stopping by the Record Store Day site to peruse
    the shelves for records and memorabilia and hang with their fans between

    A number of artists performing at this year's Coachella will release product
    expressly for Record Store Day. Among them, Mastodon who will release "Crack
    The Skye" on 180 gram vinyl to include an extra 7" single and lyric sheet,
    Jenny Lewis will issue a split 7" with none other than Elvis Costello, and
    Black Keys will release a special RSD split 7" with the Flaming Lips."
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    Default Re: record store day IS April 18th

    So they are going to hang out with people in between sets? I just want to get some records at the end of the day so I don't have to carry them around

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    Default Re: record store day IS April 18th

    I hope I can pick up that MMJ vinyl at Coachella.
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    Why don't you all make like a tree and get chopped down and die. You all have been dreadfully mean to me.
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    Default Re: record store day IS April 18th

    You know what would be sweet? If Bruce stopped by for a signing.

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    Default Re: record store day IS April 18th


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    Default Re: record store day IS April 18th

    dont they do this every year?

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    Default Re: record store day IS April 18th

    I miss talking to TomAz.

    We all do. I live in the same city as him (unless he relocated) and rumor has it that at 3:15am if you listen closely and its really really quiet you can hear him telling you to go fuck yourself.

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    Default Re: record store day IS April 18th

    Quote Originally Posted by HandBanana View Post
    I hope I can pick up that MMJ vinyl at Coachella.
    This is pretty much the only one I'm interested in as well. If it was anytime other than Coachella though, I'm sure I would spend way more money on records than I should.

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