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    Talking RV Spots - Camping - Room

    google map state Highway 74 and pinyon drive
    link -----(cut/paste)

    I have ample space for The Coachella!
    25 miles or 4o minute drive from the show
    Epic Views! 420 friendlies please - ~ ~
    small house on 16 acres, plenty of parking,
    ample space for small RV's ( power and water ONLY! )
    ONE small room with double bed available (couple only)
    PLUS lots of flat tent spots
    BOTH with bathroom and kitchen access.

    prices are very reasonable

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    and you are insured, of course...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustSteve View Post
    and you are insured, of course...
    Yeah steve, thanx for asking. I have had all kinds of of spill over the last 3 years from PinyonFlat Campground after it fills up, and people try to sleep on the streetside(not good) i figured i would give a 'heads' up this year. i am not a big messageboard guy and not big on profiles and pictures, but i am chill and have been to about every coachella worth going since the 1st one.
    I usually have a return group but they all have 420 plans and are staying in colorado. i am not a business and not getting rich, i just have the space and want to be communal, everything is based on a simple gratuity.

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