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Thread: Hang with me and get 50% off!

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    Default Hang with me and get 50% off!

    Hey There! I'm 33 yo male, looking for a someone to carpool with and share hotel costs at Coachella. I've stayed in the same Hotel the last three years and I will never go back to camping. The hotel is in Palm Springs, 15 minutes from the festival itself.

    I'm checking in on Friday afternoon and checking out on Sunday morning. I like to sleep in and take my time getting ready to go to the event. I like to have breakfast, and then a couple of beers first. If you go with me, don't plan on getting to the event before 2pm everyday.. Earlier then that is too hott.

    I'm also 420 friendly and you have to be too. I also require meeting in person before going to Coachella.. I don't want to spend three days with someone I don't like.

    I will have friend at the festival, so hanging out with me is not required, but you are welcome too. Male or Female is ok.

    Estimated Hotel Cost: $200 - $250 per person.

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    <insert black dahlia picture>

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