I am also one of those people who unfortunately bought my airline tickets before my concert tix...I know, I know...it will never happen again. Anyway I am coming from Fargo, ND and this was supposed to be my birthday present to my boyfriend who has never been to California (poor sheltered soul!). He brought me to Roger Waters in Tinley Park (Chicago) and I would really like to do something for him (I have been told that Coachella will outdo Roger Waters? Any truth to that?) We checked out Vegoose last year and met some amazing people. We have kept in touch with some of them and Doug from Oakland even came back to this neck of the woods to check out 10,000 Lakes Festival (last couple of years they have brought in WSP, Phil Lesh, Trey, Keller Williams, Rusted Root, 311, and too many more to name). He was planning on picking us up some tix but apparently they could only get 4 at a time or something? Which leads me to my little predicament...So if there is anyone out there that would be willng to part with 2 3-day passes, you would certainly make a little Midwestern girl's dream come true! If we don't make it there, I will have some cheap airline tickets from Fargo to LAX-I hear these are a hot commodity!!! hahaha
Thanks for everything guys, hope to see you in sunny California!!! If anyone's ever in the Midwest, look me up!!!