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    I am going to coachella for the first time this year. There are several bands I am looking forward to.

    Is the lineup pretty much finalized, or are there a whole bunch of smaller bands that will be playing smaller areas that are yet to announce?

    smaller acts I would love to see
    Two Cow Garage
    The Felice Brothers
    William elliott whitmore
    The Gourds

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    Default Re: small bands

    Prob not....when they add, they generally don't add small acts. Sorry.

    Edit: I should say, they prob aren't adding any this year. Sorry.
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    Default Re: small bands

    "Small bands"? Like, "midgets"?

    There's probably not going to be any midget-bands added this year.

    what a weirdo.

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    And playing "smaller areas" ?? Really??

    That is so height-ist. Like midget-bands can ONLY play "smaller areas".

    You sicken me, sir.

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    Default Re: small bands

    Youth, you son of a bitch, where did you go?

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