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    Default HARD 13

    Anyone need to get rid of tickets? I want to see if there are cheaper ones out there before my roommate and I buy.

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    I can only pay in trade. my crop is corn... but the harvest... it does not come this year for jacob...
    "Choke on that Causality!"

    Quote Originally Posted by captncrzy View Post
    I don't give a shit if the Killers are playing; I'll watch something else-even if it's watching the poor churro man get trampled by stoners.

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    I think MikeyMatador has one to sell Kitt him

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    I might be hard but I'm sure as hell not 13 inches, your outaluck matey..... unless we try EXTENZE

    And it also comes in a delicious drink!

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    hard 13 is going to be sooooo awesome.

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    haha my drink is bigger than your drink.

    excited for friday guys!?

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    30 person party bus to self destruct upon arrival at the Shrine, 8pm, Friday the 13th.

    Quote Originally Posted by paganman7 View Post
    I had a dream that my wife cheated on me with Calmer. True story.
    Quote Originally Posted by TeamCoachellaHellYeah View Post
    Did you find pee in her butt?

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