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    Default LIB 2009

    LIb2009 is postponed as for now, no Memorial Day weekend venue could be secured....

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    Default Re: LIB 2009

    yea, sad to hear this. I'm still kicking myself for not going when it was in SB and I was living in Ventura.

    Here's the full e-mail. Notice the special thing planned for August

    After many months of searching for a new location we are sad to report that, as of right now, we have been unable to acquire one, therefore LIB will not be happening this Memorial Day Weekend. We have seen many properties that just weren’t quite right and the few properties that we thought were perfect for the event, unfortunately, did not fall under the proper zoning for what we are trying to create. We realize how much this event means to everyone and that this is very disappointing news for the entire LIB community; as you can probably imagine it is extremely disappointing for us as well.

    There is nothing more important to us than our community so rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to make this happen. We want all of you to know that this is just the beginning of our search and we will not stop until Lightning in a Bottle finds a new home… it’s just going to take a bit longer than we had hoped.

    We are still open to all suggestions and leads for a new location so please spread the word and keep the suggestions coming in. It means the world to us that so many people care so much about this event. Thank you for all of the love and support.

    On a positive note, we've got something special in the works for August so stay tuned...

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