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Thread: So now that 3 Days are Sold out ...

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    Default So now that 3 Days are Sold out ...

    Do you think that means there will be no more major additions to the lineup? I guess if it's sold out, why spend the money?

    Or will Goldvoice come through with a big surprise or two just to reward the fans?

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    Default Re: So now that 3 Days are Sold out ...

    I think they'll hook us up with something. Weather they do or not will be very telling about their intentions though.

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    Default Re: So now that 3 Days are Sold out ...

    I expect a few more still - we know OF MONTREAL is going to be added
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    Default Re: So now that 3 Days are Sold out ...

    Friday is still not sold out. Plus the fact that there are only 32 confirmed artist that day out of typically 45 bands (per day)...Hopefully goldenvoice will release an updated lineup this week.

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