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Thread: Anthem Pool Party???

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    Question Anthem Pool Party???

    Has anyone heard any info on the site, location, and where to RSVP for it/

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    Default Re: Anthem Pool Party???

    I subscribe to the Anthem news letter all year just for this
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    Default Re: Anthem Pool Party???

    isn't it going on during the day while coachella is underway? not good.

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    Default Re: Anthem Pool Party???

    how do you getinto this? the footage on youtube looks like tooo much fun.
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    It's the best party outside of the festival itself! I suggest you make friends with someone at the magazine for access. BTW, 'Thedon'tlab', dig your Oizo avatar!

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    Default Re: Anthem Pool Party???

    guestlist is closed but still submit your info...
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