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Thread: Art on the Coachella website

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    Default Art on the Coachella website

    I am wondering if I am missing something as I look at the website... Coachella is a Music and Arts Festival, yet I can't find a prominent link to the ART at Coachella, only the music lineup/music artists.
    I hope it's either my mistake, or a mistake on the part of Coachella that will be soon remedied!
    Let's get everyone excited about the art, it's going to be amazing!

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    Default Re: Art on the Coachella website

    the art is always amazing, but they never reveal it on the website beforehand. except for when they publish the map, and that doesn't really give you a good sense of what it is like.
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    If Zimmer isn't on the Coachella Stage I will literally shit on my own face in disgust.

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    Default Re: Art on the Coachella website

    I am really looking forward to looking at all the different works of art. This will be my 1st time attending Coachella, but from the pix of the art from previous years looked amazing.

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