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Thread: Road Trippin' from FL!

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    Arrow Road Trippin' from FL!

    A couple of my friends and I are driving from the Gainesville, FL area. 420 friendly! Let me know if you wanna join. We will be leaving around the 14th. PM me if you're interested. We aren't heading back immediately after, so you might need to find alternate transportation heading back.

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    my friend and i are driving from deep south texas (rio grande valley area) to coachella and have room for two bodies also. we would be leaving on wednesday 04/15 and returning on 04/20 or maybe staying a few days in san diego. we are going via i10 through san antonio it would be nice if we could caravan out there if you are going through san antonio.
    we are easy going guys with no hangups. let me know so we can arrange something.

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    We're driving from Vegas...WOOT WOOT

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    do you guys go to UF? I just graduated a year ago.

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