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Thread: Alternate Free Camping in Nat'l Forests ??

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    Default Alternate Free Camping in Nat'l Forests ??

    I have taken many a roadtrip over the years, criss-crossing the states in an attempt to see everything marvelous there is to see outdoors. I once spent 4 months on the road all over the west and maybe 1 or 2 nights did i ever pay for an established campground. Most of the times i would be driving and find a pulloff in a National Forest or wilderness area somewhere and pull back on dirt roads to find other free spots others have used over the years.

    Obviously i dont want people to post their secret spots because these have to be limited. But am i naive to assume that in this area of California, especially the highways leading through the mountains headed west from Coachella that there would possibly be some of these spots within a reasonable driving distance to the festival?

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    There's a lot of BLM land all around Indio/Coachella, so there's plenty of free camping to be had in the area. Joshua Tree NP directs overflow campers to the BLM area just south of I-10 across from the NP southern entrance.

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