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  • I haz it.

    32 31.68%
  • I haze it, but don't know for how long.

    9 8.91%
  • What's that?

    3 2.97%
  • Oh noez, they be steelin my workz.

    5 4.95%
  • I'm not worried at all.

    12 11.88%
  • I'm worried, but think I'll be ok.

    14 13.86%
  • Why youasking, you got a job for me?

    13 12.87%
  • What's this key?

    2 1.98%
  • If I do lose my job, there will always be another one.

    4 3.96%
  • I wanted to pick a question, but I know better than to answer a question with a question.

    7 6.93%
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Thread: Work.

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    Default Re: Work.

    my apologies for comparing you to ken. and i thought you were the were the one who were beating us on the on the football pick em' league. i know you from the old board we both liked early roseanne episodes, if i remember right. great writing/acting on those episodses. before roseanne's ego exploded.

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    Default Re: Work.

    You think this memory will calm my kenado. And if you think're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

    I loved Roseanne. And, independent of this, I remember you from the board when I was around (sorry to phrase it like that - I'm completely out of date here).

    If I remember correctly, we bonded over disliking the new Becky - not so much the actress - but the gall the series had to replace her without announcing it? I could be wrong - that was something that completely bothered me. Sometimes when I'm bored I like to imagine people on message boards agreeing with me - so if this wasn't you, feel free to speak up.

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    ha yes. i forgot about that. yes that was me. the new becky seemed out of place. although, she (the actress) did a good job in scrubs. i heard the scrubs actors (zack braff, etc.) called her "becky 2" on the scrubs set. either way, it's sad to see a great sitcom like early roseanne, representing the middle class/lower middle class, not represented any more. plus the great writing.

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