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Thread: Are taxi's easy enough to get?

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    Default Are taxi's easy enough to get?

    Hi - first time poster here.

    My girlfriend and I are embarking on a ridiculously short trip from Oz to California just to get to Coachella in April ( Perth - Palm Springs - Perth in 6 days...)

    We're staying at the Marriott Springs Desert Villas 1 ( I think that's what they're called, she booked it...) and were debating as to whether we'd need a hire car for the period.

    We're pretty much just going to be going between our hotel and the festival and as we're both bordeline alcoholics we thought it might be more enjoyable to simply use taxis ( or hotel shuttles if available.)

    Anyone know if there are sufficient enough taxis around festival time to consider this an option?

    Thanks guys - appreciate any responses

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    Default Re: Are taxi's easy enough to get?

    Just realised that this is in the camping/lodging forum...

    Fuckin' idiot!

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    Default Re: Are taxi's easy enough to get?

    I'd rent a car if I were you. I think it's a must if you're not camping. Getting a taxi would be a nightmare I'd imagine.
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    Default Re: Are taxi's easy enough to get?

    Taxis is plural, not possessive. No need for apostrophe, mate.
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    Default Re: Are taxi's easy enough to get?

    Last year there was a designated "taxi area". I walked by it and it didn't really seem like there was a huge line to get them.. There were literally over two dozen taxis when I walked by..
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    Default Re: Are taxi's easy enough to get?

    The walk to the taxi area is about a half mile. I would guess the fare would be at least $30.00 each way if you're stating at Desert Springs. It might be better to rent a car and stop drinking a couple ogf hours before the show is over. I'm assuming you won't be drunk before noon.

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    Default Re: Are taxi's easy enough to get?

    Hey Trafford,
    we're coming from Adelaide, and finding it tricky to sort out accomodation and transport too!
    We're both non-drinkers (not anti-drinking, just allergic to alcohol - I get rashes!), so I might be a feasible driver - maybe we could chat about the possibilities of sharing accomodation/transport while the festival is on?
    So excited about the show though!

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    Default Re: Are taxi's easy enough to get?

    Last year after the show we walked 3 miles down a random street to catch a taxi. There were about 100 others doing the same. It was a nightmare and I wanted to kill myself.
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