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Thread: Are Empire of the Sun to MGMT...

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    Default Are Empire of the Sun to MGMT...

    ...what Editors are to Interpol?

    What also what KOL used to be to the White Stripes and what they are now currently are to the Killers?

    i.e. the 'watered' down version.


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    Default Re: Are Empire of the Sun to MGMT...

    Empire Of The Sun are not shite, so not that similar to MGMT really. They've both been in fairly successful bands before, too.
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    Default Re: Are Empire of the Sun to MGMT...

    someone's been avidly reading/taking seriously some hipster runoff.

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    Default Re: Are Empire of the Sun to MGMT...

    im still waiting to hear the Barnes/Goldwasser project... mgmt has produced 3 decent songs.. other than that they blowwww

    Luke Steele (empire of the sun) comes from a crazy australian music family. I've listened to The Sleepy Jackson for a few years...not bad, a bit spacey, but nice.
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    Default Re: Are Empire of the Sun to MGMT...

    Empire of the Sun has something MGMT could never hope to have. Luke Steele.

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    Default Re: Are Empire of the Sun to MGMT...

    I loved the MGMT album but live.....sad.

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