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    Default AUDIOTISTIC 2009 RETURNS!!!

    Perhaps one of dopest music festivals returns this May 9, 2009.

    Audiotistic, the Future Sound Festival is a must go for all music lovers, especially DnB, Hip Hop lovers

    Check it out:

    I am predicting that the venue for this event will return to the National Orange Show Fairgrounds in San Bernardino, CA.

    See you there, but first you can find me @ Coachella 2009, Sunday, grooving to Roni Size, Groove Armada, Clipse, Public Enemy and all the other good ish...phantom

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    Default Re: AUDIOTISTIC 2009 RETURNS!!!

    they need to release the line-up.. I'm waiting as well!!!!

    OUTKAST 2014
    it's finally happening

    Röyksopp, FC Kahuna, Télépopmusik, The Knife, RJD2, Futue Sound of London, The Avalanches, 808 State, Zero 7, Tycho, Mr. Scruff

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    Default Re: AUDIOTISTIC 2009 RETURNS!!!

    Please not at the's played out!
    Can't Channel 36 get a better venue?
    Never mind, In$omniac is part of it
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    Default Re: AUDIOTISTIC 2009 RETURNS!!!

    fantastic news!!! bring on the dnb + hip hop!

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    Default Re: AUDIOTISTIC 2009 RETURNS!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by paganman7 View Post
    I had a dream that my wife cheated on me with Calmer. True story.
    Quote Originally Posted by TeamCoachellaHellYeah View Post
    Did you find pee in her butt?

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    Default Re: AUDIOTISTIC 2009 RETURNS!!!

    Rumored/Confirmed via myspace. - check myspace
    Le Castle Vania, Villains, Them Jeans, MC Dino, Perish, Dennis M, & Joaquin Bamaca, 6Blocc, Fuckkk Offf

    Confirmed via bassrush la.

    The stages will be Hip Hop Stage // Electro Stage // D&B Stage // House Stage // & Main Stage

    The event will be held at the NOS event's center according to there customer service and event details on the artists pages.
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