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Thread: Anybody from LA/Silver Lake Wanna Carpool + Camp?

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    Default Anybody from LA/Silver Lake Wanna Carpool + Camp?

    Hey guys, I bought the 3 day pass + camping tix and then my friends backed out, so Iím looking to meet some cool ppl to hang with and maybe camp next to.

    Message me back w/ your facebook/myspace so we can figure specs out.

    About Me: Iím 24, female, live around Silver Lake and this will be my 3rd time at Coachella. Started camping last year and wouldnít have it any other way! =) Bands Iím most excited about this year are Jenny Lewis, Franz, Beirut, Thievery, Kills, Silversun, Ghostland, Crystal Castles, TV on the Radio, MSTRKRFT, Cure, My Bloody Valentine, YYY, Antony & Johnsons, We are Scientists, Gang Gang Dance.

    I donít mind going to shows alone cause I love the music, but I do want to meet fellow campers so we can talk about how awesome the sets are. Hit me back!

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    Default Re: Anybody from LA/Silver Lake Wanna Carpool + Camp?

    I'll be going. The plan was for me & my two cousins to go to all three dates and camp. This would be the first time for them to attend Coachella. I have been to Coachella every year since 2001. Now it seems that I'll be going alone again, like allways. I found out this Valentines weekend that one of my cousins got a D.U.I. So, he's out. I don't know if his brother will be going either. I asked my friends if they were going and one of them said no because he just got laid off. My other friend said that if he got permission from his girl friend, then he'd go. What a fuckin pussy. So, I'm also on the look-out for new Coachella friends. I'm an L.A. native, and am very chill. No drama. Feel free to contact me here and then we'll see if we hit it off.

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    Default Re: Anybody from LA/Silver Lake Wanna Carpool + Camp?

    hey. i used to live in echo park (just moved back down to san diego. fucking economy) and i'm totally down to meet up in the campgrounds or something. looks like we have the same taste in music too.

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    Default Re: Anybody from LA/Silver Lake Wanna Carpool + Camp?

    I will be leaving from Glendale... Might leave Thurs night around 6 or 7... depending on how busy Iam that day... If you don't mind traveling with my brother and I... Don't worry I have a GF and my brother is gay so you will be safe!
    "Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts" -Albert Einstein

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    Default Re: Anybody from LA/Silver Lake Wanna Carpool + Camp?

    I've been going every year since '01. I got tired of driving in/out for 3 days, so this will be the first time camping. I'll be going alone, so I just would like someone to chat with. I live in K-town.

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    Default Re: Anybody from LA/Silver Lake Wanna Carpool + Camp?

    You should check out the flying solo overflow camp group.

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