View Poll Results: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

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  • Ye The Louis Vuitton Don:

    11 4.91%
  • Neon:

    40 17.86%
  • Blind Person Ones:

    31 13.84%
  • Designer:

    35 15.63%
  • Fake Designer:

    27 12.05%
  • Oversized:

    25 11.16%
  • Bluetool:

    8 3.57%
  • Police:

    41 18.30%
  • John Lennon:

    30 13.39%
  • $5.00 from Drug Store:

    141 62.95%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

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    Coachella Junkie chairmenmeow47's Avatar
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    Default Re: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

    where is the jackie o option?!?!

    Quote Originally Posted by malcolmjamalawesome View Post
    It's when we discuss Coachella that we are at our collective dipshittiest.

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    Default Re: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

    Quote Originally Posted by BROKENDOLL View Post
    Where the fuck do I come up with this shit? (Last year)

    And this year...

    Quote Originally Posted by chairmenmeow47 View Post
    where is the jackie o option?!?!

    I can't believe you still have those! They've actually survived afew Chellas, haven't they?
    these posts have been going well down with some gin and Fizzy Lizzy raspberry lemon.

    Quick question, has anyone else here actually held a fetus? They're not very cute.

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    Default Re: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

    mirrored sunglasses definitely!

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    Default Re: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

    Whiskey Sour

    2 oz blended whiskey
    Juice of 1/2 lemon
    1/2 tsp powdered sugar
    1 cherry
    1/2 slice lemon

    Shake blended whiskey, juice of lemon, and powdered sugar with ice and strain into a whiskey sour glass. Decorate with the half-slice of lemon, top with the cherry, and serve.

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    Default Re: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

    this thread has made me hunger for a churro.
    Quote Originally Posted by TallGuyCM View Post
    ICYMI: Today the two board members with the most questionable approach to music held mirrors up to each other; no one learned a thing and nothing will change.

    April 10/11/12 - Coachella wknd 1 - Indio
    May 31 - Neutral Milk Hotel - Majestic Ventura Theatre
    May 2 - Desert Daze - Meca

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    Default Re: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

    been doing blue tinted aviators for a while now. Find the rest wanky.
    The pilgrimage is not perfected save by copulation with the camel.

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    Default Re: What Sunglasses are Acceptable???

    Quote Originally Posted by MotorAve View Post
    Careful, while the threats are amusingly clueless, I could probably have this whole board shut down with one phone call.

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