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    I think they've never played coachella,and it's a shame because this is one of the most awesome live bands from europe.
    Fuck girl talk and the tings tings,and call this fantastic band.

    Take a look.....

    a whole show in amsterdam
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    Well past their peak, but they still put on a good show.
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    well, for all intensive porpoises it is, will sell out within seconds tomorrow.
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    It's jsut dawned on me that I'm overly confident and a extremely ocd perfectionist.
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    I don't give a flying fuck about the Kardashians, I doubt they know who Belle and Sebastian are.

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    I can hear them calling way from Oregon

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    I'd like to see them. They skipped Portland on their last tour. Grrr.
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    Man, the Beatles were overrated like gravity is overrated. ......... Say what you want, but statements like "the Beatles were overrated" make me much less likely to listen to anything you say afterward.

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    Make it happen, please.

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    Take a look @ the videos on my first post.......this band (even) live is FUCKIN AMAZING!

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    I compleeeetely forgot about this band. I would love to see them live. Love the videos you posted.

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    deus... hehe, takes me back to being an exchange student in germany in '98...

    ...speaking of which, Guano Apes reuniting at Coachella would be tight.

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