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Thread: gay and straight room mate

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    Default gay and straight room mate

    please name your own personal gay room mate and straight room mate. You pick three for each; they have to be celebrities, and have to be of the opposite gender as you for straight room mate, same gender as you for gay room mate. The orientations of your choices do not factor in, i.e., guys can't choose lesbians for gay room mate.
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    Default Re: gay and straight room mate

    I'd have to go with Sinatra for gay roommate,since he won't eat much,and let's see,that girl that plays Calamity Jane on Deadwood(Robin something) because she seems very centered and cool and would listen and probably be non-judgemental.Of course I'm projecting and assuming that she's straight.
    Oh shit I just noticed it said 3 of each,now this is a hellish Real World kinda thing,so Sinatra,Deadwood girl,Bob Mould(cool fucker),Heather Graham(I don't feel this requires explanation),Michael Stipe,and Scarlett Johansson(ditto to previous).

    If you won't allow Sinatra,I'll say Keanu Reeves seems like a reasonable,friendly person.
    Ok Keanu is out because Scarlett and Heather and Robin would be all hung up on him and it would create turmoil.Kevin Spacey.
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    Default Re: gay and straight room mate

    So the gay room-mate doesn't have to actually be gay? If they do, then I choose Tessa. I hear she's a real queer.
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    Default Re: gay and straight room mate

    Tessa is gay. PF, what were you thinking when you started this thread?
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    Default Re: gay and straight room mate

    Woah serious bumpage.

    Quote Originally Posted by gaypalmsprings View Post
    PF, what were you thinking when you started this thread?
    Probably this?

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    Default Re: gay and straight room mate

    Straight: Bjork, Scarlett Johansson, Drew Berrymore

    Gay: Jonsi from Sigur Ros, Alan Cummings, Ian Mckellen
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    Default Re: gay and straight room mate

    straight: Tiffany (New York), ChloŽ Sevigny, Leelee Sobieski

    Gay: Danny Roberts, Nate Berkus, Will Wikle
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    Default Re: gay and straight room mate

    GayPalm, what the FUCK is with you bumping threads from a year ago?
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