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Thread: Ducat king tickets shipping

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    Since this has come up a few times on the board and I was wondering-- I e-mailed ducat king this am and they said the pre sale tickets from Ducat king will be sent out one month before Coachella. I have already recieved tickets from ticket master that I ordered off of regular sale--I feel better having tickets in hand but it was nice to save the $$on the presale.So now I will be waiting for those ducats! Glad to have them confirm my order.

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    yeah it's kind of silly how they're waiting so long, but I guess it does cut down on scalpers. It seems like the people getting them from there would be least likely to scalp, but whatever.

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    They actually do have their little discalimer, if it gets posted on e bay or CL your order will be cancelled. Theres ways or tracking people down so I dont think they are scared to actually look. And who cares when it ships? It will ship and its not going to matter whther you get them 2 months early or a month early, you are still getting them.

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