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Thread: Calle 13 _2014

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    Default Calle 13 _2014

    2014 tour

    2009, 2010, 2011, 2012w1, 2013w1, 2014w2

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    Default Re: Calle 13 _2014

    Quote Originally Posted by oyeloca View Post

    The video for Multi-viral is pretty cool and the tour dates make me hopeful.

    It would be nice if they bring out Tom Morello


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    Default Re: Calle 13 _2014

    Hell yeah, I'd be down for Calle 13! Fingers crossed!

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    Default Re: Calle 13 _2014

    Atrevete Goldenvoice!

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    Default Re: Calle 13 _2014

    Maybe they could get 50 people to watch them this time instead of 40.
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    Default Re: Calle 13 _2014

    Make it 51, this would be awesome

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    Default Re: Calle 13 _2014

    Their first set at Coachella was pretty lame. They always seem to play mostly songs I don't care about too.
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