if you don't like coachella's lineup get over it. I don't understand what the lineup is missing. Its packed full of awesome bands that are gunna rock the desert. Does really seeing a name like The Killers or The Cure deter you from wanting to watch the bunch of other awesome bands playing?

Also keep one other thing in mind. I went to coachella in 06 and 07. I didn't go in 08 because I wasnt happy with the lineup, and man do i regret that. Coachella isn't only about the lineup. You get experiences there you'll never be able to get anywhere else. Camping out with your friends, seeing random fuckin celebrities, awesome attractions, running from the Sahara midway through a set to catch somebody else's entire set on the outdoor stage. There's nothing but awesome stuff embodied in those festival grounds, and you guys should seriously stop bitching. This year's coachella will be PERFECT.

p.s. fuck additions.... thats right i said it.