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    Maybe thier march tour through europe is why no volta? Think Omar group will do a coachella set? does anybody care? i think we need something to tweek this grandma lineup...

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    That actually would probably really help the lineup, you know. One dude, who like, hardly anybody gives a shit about.

    Good job!
    Quote Originally Posted by ruetheday View Post
    I don't fucking care. I don't even know who the hell Dave Wang is.
    Quote Originally Posted by Devin the Dude View Post
    you used to be that guy that just Dave Wang's everybody. that guy. he's gone now, and whoever you really are showed up, and that was utter disappointment.

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    I Would be down for Omar Solo or the Mars Volta

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    Dude Omar alone or the mars volta would cause huge argueing and even more confustion. People are running around with their heads cut off about MBV and The killers ( who i cant stand either but ill be at somethi else no big ). The Mars Volta or Omar healining could help so much their is a reason they win best live band like 4 years running now from spain. No one gives as much as they do into their music. Omar's put what 6 solo albums and a band album with 2 more on the way already in less then a year. these guys go on world tour all year and when they come back home to the states they just drop albums off at their record labels mail box like its nothin. Omar = genius and they have gotten a lot better since the young alternative coachella rockers they were a few years ago. They are vetrans and respected by all their fellow artist. they could maybe even get fuscanti from RHCP maybe to play with he has n does sometimes and records their albums with them. Will never happen tho : (. they would blow to many kids minds!
    DEADMAU5 or RUSKO late add 2009

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