Hey guys!

First off, did anyone else spend quality time with their co-workers this afternoon huddled around a computer watching ABC7's LIVE streaming web cast of the U-haul truck chase? We sure did! Wondering if we cheered loudly when the truck clipped a car on the road? WE SURE DID!

Now, it's been one hectic week here in the offices since the postponement this past weekend of the Animal Collective show at the Fonda. No worries though, we are working on rescheduling the show for the near future. Stay tuned for more info. Thanks to everyone who follows Goldenvoice and the Fonda on Twitter and re-tweeted the news to their friends. You all helped out a lot!

We've also been preparing to announce the anticipated Coachella lineup that's got all of you, bloggers, and pretty much the whole internet spazzing out. Don't believe anything or anyone until you've heard it straight from us! Do however, get ready to save that mullah and be blown away. You can follow Coachella's tweets here. Speaking of festivals, who else is excited to get tattooed at the 2nd Annual MUSINK Tattoo Convention and Music Fest?! We totally are and you should be too! It's three whole days full of amazing music and 200+ of the world's finest tattoo artists. Get your tickets here.

Whew...what an exciting week!

---from the mailer