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Thread: The Coachella Moment!

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    Default The Coachella Moment!

    So there have been some great ones I have witnessed. The mars Volta in 2002. Iggy Pop and the Stooges in 2003. The Pixies>>>Radiohead>>>Kraftwerk in 2004. Peter Murphy hanging upside down with Bauhaus in 2005. Daft Punk in the Sahara in 2006. Reuniting Rage Against The Machine in 2007. The Boys Noize>>>Hot Chip>>> Kraftwerk>>>Portishead>>>Prince in that order in 2008. What will 2009 bring.... I think Goldenvoice is trying to top those..But I don't think it will happen. yet again i did say that before when I didn't know what the 2008 experience would bring. Either way I already have my room booked. Cause I know Coachella won't disappoint me.. The wait is almost over!
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    keep your $8 Thread in the right forum Darth....
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    Default Re: The Coachella Moment!

    the first time I walked onto the Polo Fields in '99 blew me away

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    i love how the art is seamless and spread so evenly and well across the fields. I love the attention to detail Coachella brings by hiding all cables and cords for electricity underground so you can just walk around the art and actually be hands on with it without having anything in the way. i just love Coachella...edit: of course the music is awesome and the once in a lifetime experiences are fucking amazing too

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