Hello everyone,
Two friends recently asked me an important question, and I am re-asking it to find a larger pool. It is a little off of the wall, but its important.

When you go number 2, and it is time to wipe (assuming you do), do you stick your hand between your legs from the front, or do you reach around to the back? So either from the front when your still sitting, or from the back and you lean forward a bit.

My two friend who will remain nameless, both men, said that one is the feminine way and the other is masculine. I on the other hand, said that it was based on culture. It is also important who trained you as a child when you went to the bathroom. Both their gender and race, since you copied them. So the question is front/back, gender, race, who trained you, and their race.

I made it easy on everyone, just fill in the blanks,

Person who trained you: (male/female)
Their race: