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Man Kills Wife for Changing Facebook Status to 'Single'

by Tim Stevens, posted Jan 23rd 2009 at 1:39PM
Man Kills Wife over Facebook StatusWe've seen some bizarre Facebook stories in the past, and have warned you on how information on the site can cause people to lose their jobs, but we've never heard a story quite as sad as this. According to the BBC and the Stafford Crown Court, 41-year-old Edward Richardson of Staffordshire, England, killed his estranged 26-year-old wife, Sarah, after she changed her Facebook status to "single."

Facebook allows users to indicate their relationship status and what they're looking for (romantic relationships, friendships, etc.). The couple had already separated, and Sarah, a hairdresser, had apparently already given up hope of reconciliation. She changed her status to single on her profile, an act that enraged Edward. After receiving a barrage of angry calls and text messages from her estranged husband, Sarah stopped responding.

Rather than stop Edward, however, it drove him to extreme violence. According to government prosecutors, on May 12 of 2008, Edward went to Sarah's home, broke down the door, and stabbed her to death. He's been sentenced to life in prison.