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Thread: Best acts you hadn't heard of before Coachella

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    Default Best acts you hadn't heard of before Coachella

    Ever since I saw the flier for this years Coachella, I knew I would buy tickets, which I now have. There are many bands i knew i wanted to see, but it is almost impossible to know all the bands on the list, so I have proceeded to download a lot of new bands I have never heard of. With that being said, what are your favorite bands you have never heard of before Coachella this year. I will say I like Manu Chao a shitload. This list will be different for everyone so I will have to think for a few on the bands i put on this list. and i still haven't heard every band yet. Post what you liked that I missed.
    Edit: I was gonna post a poll, but it has to be within five minutes of posting the bulletin, and it took longer than that to figure ou the bands i was gonna put on.
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