I have noticed a severe lack of respect for/knowledge of Silverchair on this board, coupled with a severe hatred by those who remember the 90s. The following YouTube videos are an attempt to expose Silverchair's growth from a tween corporate-Nirvana knockoff into what they currently are, a very good band that makes very listenable music.

Here is what 90% of the people on this board know of Silverchair:


Some may remember their first album as adults, the transition into what they would soon become, 1999's Neon Ballroom.

"Ana's Song (Open Fire)"

"Emotion Sickness"

And here is their first (only) truly great album, which should have gotten them more U.S. recognition than they did. They switched it up and almost completely left grunge in 2002's Diorama:

"Across the Night"

"Tuna in the Brine" (live)

"Without You"

And their latest album, which is not great but very good and has a couple of great songs, 2007's Young Modern.

"If You Keep Losing Sleep"

"Those Thieving Birds/Strange Behaviour" (live)

"Reflections of a Sound"

If nothing else, can we stop equating them with Bush and other 90s post-grunge acts whose careers are now done?