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Thread: Australian Bands

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    I've always wanted to see The Vines.
    Quote Originally Posted by canexplain View Post
    I try to be politically pc more than most here: As a dude, anyone who could put a shark up a gals pc body, is pretty creepy, different and interesting. Just saying big time ..... cr****

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    The Swiss

    Flight Facilities

    Frontier Psychiatrist is probably of the best Australian EDM albums I've ever heard (thus far)!

    Sep: Future, Bryson Tiller, Duke Dumont, Mac Miller
    Nov: Drake, Winston Surfshirt
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    Apr: Lana Del Rey

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    Flight Facilities - My good friend Christine is featured in this tune.

    Quote Originally Posted by mariefbr View Post
    is Beyonce playing on both weekends? i'm confuse and i need to know before i purchase my ticket please. thank you.

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    Someone recommended Gold Fields, and I'm liking this tune enough to try and catch 'em at the Troub in a few weeks:

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    "why are you so annoying" TheKlein25

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    "why are you so annoying" TheKlein25

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    Gold Fields do a cover of "Born Slippy"...

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