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Thread: chromeo at the key club

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    Default chromeo at the key club

    does anyone have any extra tickets?

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    I need tickets too . . .

    Man . . . they even ran out on StubHub
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    Hey guys. I know the key club tickets are sold out (sucks!!!). But did you guys know you can go to the after party at the Roxy theater tonight!!! They are still doing a Dj. Set, better than not being able to see them at all tonight. I got my tickets last night, after taxes and subcharge it came out to about 20 bucks a ticket . However, if you really want to see them at the key club, there is almost always someone trying to get rid of tickets when you get there. I've seen Justice, and Daft Punk in LA with no tickets on hand.

    See you guys out there!!!!!

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    I take it none of you saw them at Coachella last year. Zzzzzzzzzz....

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    i did and i thought it was pretty fun

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    I totally missed them last year. I just recently discovered them, and totally digg their music. I discovered them through the essential mix Calvin Harris threw down last year on bbc radio....

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