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Thread: Radiohead

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    Quote Originally Posted by daftsquirrel View Post
    what are you talking about? by default everything else is just as good? Radiohead is not amazing by default...maybe if you actually listened to the music you would think different becuase i can obviously tell that you have never taken the time to really enjoy their talents

    AND in rainbows did not suck. you suck.

    i have listened to all their albums multiple times, even with an open mind and low expectations, but still not doing anything for me

    and the whole default comment was suppose to include ok computer not just creep

    people like radiohead just because its different

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    you're an idiot.

    i like it because it's great and it speaks to me. and yes, it's different.

    in rainbows is beautiful and as good as anything they've released.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unknowndrummer66 View Post
    in rainbows did suck tho
    Get the fuck out.
    Anything is possible...

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