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    this a placeholder for didn't want anyone post this thread beforehand in next 15/20 mins.

    Hint: are you medium, xl, xxl?

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    the first thing we can do is increase our excitement for one another's lives using a high, squeeky voice for all face-to-fave daily encounters. Need to revert to the '50s mentality, especially the adolesent world-is-our-wonder phase. Think like a tv show from that era of melacholy and bliss.

    Wally; "good morning, Beave. What did you have for breakfast!?"

    Beave: " hi Wally. I had pancakes, bacon, and eggs! My I am full, but ready for our walk to school together"

    Wally: "me too beave, me too" (super wide, beaming look like a mix of the most happiness he's ever felt along with boundless optimism)

    And you could apply it to society today. Your co-worker got collegen implants on mouth.

    "Hey big lips!"

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    What the fuck is happening.

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    like those Rodney on the Roq ranting songs about the lurv of tight fitting shirts and headed over to get a booth at dennys waiting for teeneage girls to show up.

    Going to finish up the main idea for this thread, but not now as i in bed with hangover and giant fruit rats are back in the attic moving around. They regular rats who sometimes dramatically turn back towards you with chin on shoulder blinking eyes queerly before scurring off to most likely perform fellacio in the corner somewhere. Naked and need tv show A&E.

    this was going to be an overview of my own personal messageboard history and the observances herethereof along with the said (or sad) importance of the medium, but I'm not sure if I want to do it now as I don't want to put myself to sleep as it's only five o clock shadow.
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