So i am involved in an all out war with T-Mobile over the $200 early termination fee that they are charging me for leaving them (to go to AT&T for the iPhone).

I've done some research and found that if they don't have a copy of your signed contract (a lot of the places do/used to get rid of them after some time) then you can complain that you weren't aware of it, and if you have to take matters further, you can file a complaint with the FCC. I am requesting a copy of my signed contract, but it seems as though they cant locate it which will be great for me.

I KNEW i would have to pay it, and am willing to, however obviously want to keep $200 in my pocket (did you know we're in a FUCKING RECESSION!?!!).

Does anyone have any experience with beating the system and getting out of your early termination fee?

Does anyone work for a major carrier that could divulge some secrets?

I know i can't be the only one that has, is, or will deal with this.