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    Is it possible for me to buy two lots of tickets online using two different cards? I.e. I have enough money atm to buy 4 3day camping tickets with onsite camping, but the fifth ticket I need will have to be put on my credit card. Is it therefore possible to pay either by two cards online? Or to buy the first four tickets in one transaction; and then the fifth ticket in a seperate transaction afterwards?

    Thanks in advance for your help, it will really enable me to sort myself out.

    Kuz x

    PS. I'm an international festival goer so i can only pay online.

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    you'd most likely have to do two separate transactions. one on one card and one on the other for the last ticket. if this year is like last year, you'll have plenty of time to complete two transactions.
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    If it's like 2007, you're fucked.

    j/k -- that's only if there is one really huge name and you want a single day pass for that huge name.
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    Oh ok,

    Cheers all, for your advice.

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