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Thread: What flight are you taking?

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    Default What flight are you taking?

    Anyone hitting up the cheap fares on the air new zealand flights? Anyone on the 25th? Solo plane ride, but surely there will be quite a few festies on there. If i wasnt getting back from vietnam on like the 23rd i probably would have gone on the 24th or even the 23rd, so it might be a pretty boring flight, but some festie goers would be quite amusing.

    I imagine a few festies will make their way to the smoking lounge in auckland, so ill probably see you there ;-)

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    Flyin Hawaiian mate, hella cheap agent rate with the lovely option of stoppin in Honolulu.
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    What was your fare? I got $1572, which i was pretty happy with, but not all too sure if it was the best around. I always think I have learned lessons, but I always get sucked into the flight centre bullshit. I am definitely happy to be flying air nz though, its kinda like maori qantas

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    the one that doesn't have wings and runs on tracks.

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