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Thread: Shadow Hills RV resort

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    Default Shadow Hills RV resort

    Has any1 been here before??
    I think we are staying here so any advice or any random stuffs

    If any1 is staying there with a car, could we possibly carpool to Coachella... or something

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    Default Re: Shadow Hills RV resort

    i stayed at shadow hills for coachella 2007 and 2008 and will be staying there for 2009. the price is right, the staff is totally rad and the place is pretty nice. clean bathrooms, lots of space to camp and the pool area is always a party. the staff serves breakfast and grills lunch and the food is good. the staff is super service oriented and sells stuff you forgot like toiletries, sunblock, etc. in the office. they also sell ice, which is a godsend ... so luxurious to not have to go to the store for it. and they pick up your trash daily.

    i've never had anything stolen there, but some people we met last year said people stole alcohol, weed, etc. from them while they were at the pool.

    a couple recommendations:
    1. arrive as early as you can on friday, or even get there thursday night, so you get a decent camping spot. trees are a must for shade.
    2. pick a spot with an electrical hookup so you can plug in a fan to put in your tent.
    3. traffic on day one in the later afternoon (after 3 pm-ish) can suck ... plan accordingly. get there early on day 3 - traffic is guaranteed to suck in the mid to late afternoon.

    let me know if i can help further ... these are just the random things that popped into my head about shadow hills

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    Default Re: Shadow Hills RV resort

    Awesome =D
    Thank you very much for this

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    Default Re: Shadow Hills RV resort

    Stayed there last year. 100% recommended. If we were RV'ing this year we would definitely stay there again.

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    Default Re: Shadow Hills RV resort

    I stayed there in '06 - '08. I thoroughly recommend it. They have WiFi there now too and it's no problem to recharge cellphones etc in the big game room.
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    Default Re: Shadow Hills RV resort

    Shadow Hills Rv Resort welcomes Coachella goers. Stay 3 nights and get the 4th night free. Check out our website. Tell them Paula sent you!

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