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Thread: 2 guys lookin for place to stay

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    Default 2 guys lookin for place to stay

    Hey whats up. The title pretty much speaks for itself. My boyfriend and I have never been to Coachella before and we didn't know finding hotels would be so impossible at this time. We were wondering if anyone knew any places to stay or if anyone was willing to split on a room on Saturday night.

    Thanks alot for any help,

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    Send me your name and E-mail address... if it's just for Saturday night... I might be able to hook you up...

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    Default Re: 2 guys lookin for place to stay

    I can probably get u a studio at my resort if you want to stay in style...

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    daveanddebbie, do you realize these threads are over a year old, therefore being irrelevent to this years concert???

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