Tomorrow (5-24) will mark the 25th Anniversary of when MARS FM began on 103.1. It was a pretty great radio station that had way too short a run. i was lucky enough to work there and still consider it one of the best jobs i ever had (even though i sucked at it). One thing that could be said for the first batch of Coachellas was musically it was very Mars like with the mix of underground dance and alt tunes.

For the 25th anniversary we put together a page that hosts many hours of Mars from 91 and 92. If you are an old fan, hopefully this will make you very happy. If this is way before your time, maybe you'll get a kick out of hearing echoes from the past. The page is here.

we also have a Facebook group and Wednesday night (5-25) there will be a little celebration at Hyperion Tavern.

Please share the info if you know any Mars fans.